Students get first hand look at the teaching profession


Elle Warren, Reporter

Around 15 students from the teaching as a career class attended a conference to learn more about the teaching profession.

“I enjoy being at school and learning.”

That’s what the program coordinator, Cathy Mong said.

Some students at North high agree with her and are planning on being a teacher as a career. One North teacher, Adam Klausmeyer, gave these students the opportunity to learn more about teaching as a career by taking a class on a field trip to the AMAC building to learn about it.

“I loved talking to the colleges because they helped me decide which one I should go to!” Said Kadence Westley.

There were many colleges, such as Emporia State, Wichita State among others,  that gave students  an opportunity to talk to them and learn about how they can benefit us when we decide to take the career as a teacher.

“Meeting so many new amazing people and learning has impacted my life so much,” Mong said.

Mong told the students so many good things and motivated students to go into the teaching career.

“Remember that you’re there for the students and always work very hard,” Mong shared.