Boys 2021-2022 Swim and Dive Team

Marie Loest, Reporter

North High’s Boy 2021- 2022 season swim and dive team is right around the corner. Coach Melody Turley is looking for new swimmers to join the team. Tryouts are going to be held November 15th. Here is some information to be prepared according to Turley:

Should I know how to swim?
You do not need to know how to swim – but you should be comfortable floating in shallow and deep water.
What do I need to be successful on the swim team?
You will need a swimsuit, preferably jammers (they look like compression shorts) – swim trunks hold a lot of water and make swimming very difficult. You will also need goggles and a towel. Please let me know if you might have
trouble acquiring these items. Bring a good attitude and be willing to try something new
What time are practices?
Practice begins Monday November 15th and will run from 330-515pm Monday – Friday. You should plan to be picked up between 5:00-5:15pm from practice.
When are the swim meets?
Swim meets are typically on Thursdays after school. There are a few Saturday Invites as well. A schedule will be handed out at the first practice.
What do I need to know for diving?
Diving is separate from swimming and involves jumping off of the diving board and performing a dive, a somersault or a twist before entering the water. You do not need to have previous experience but you should be willing to try
something new. It will definitely help if you are comfortable doing front flips and back flips off of a diving board.
Please email Coach Turley so you can be added to the Microsoft Teams Swim Group and keep up with all of the latest info. Feel free to email her with questions.
Email: [email protected]