Setting Up For Market Day

Skye Todd, Reporter

After missing last year due to COVID-19, Market Day is returning.

In the coming dates of 10/27, 10/28, and 10/29 Market Day will be happening. Market Day consists of many different business students who all have their own type of business and offer their products to other North High students during lunch time. The business’s are usually food.

As of right now, all the business’s will be located in front of the new gym and along the hallways during lunch. There is a total of 30 groups but each day there will be 15-20 groups set up for sale.

Mr. Klausmeyer is among the business teachers who help set up for Market Day. This event isn’t the easiest to set up for, Mr. Klausmeyer shares one of the biggest struggles for students, ” For students its the time for sale, a lot of kids don’t realize heating up their food 20 minutes before lunch isn’t enough time, they need to start earlier, I stress that over and over.” He also touches base on struggles for teachers, ” It’s frustrating when students don’t follow or take advice, and they wonder why their business is a failure, I can help prep them but I can only do so much.”

Mr. Klausmeyer expressed his excitement for this year, ” I love the homemade cooking, and I love the authentic foods and drinks, I don’t get to eat this food often. I look forward to it every year, I like to see it come and go because when its over my stress it off.” Mr. Klausmeyer also shares what he hopes all the students involved gain from this experience, ” How to run a business and customer service is the key. Not everybody gets to experience that and I think everyone  should at least once.