New club seeks to teach students about the ins and outs of music

Peyton Adams, Reporter

North High has a new club called the song writing and production club. The clubs first meeting was Monday October 25th. During the meeting they talked about the basics of songwriting and the steps to creating a song.

Mr. Foote says that the reason for starting the club was because when he was in college to become a music teacher “my ideas of what’s important in music didn’t match with what the college thought.”

The clubs members are ranging from beginners to experts, people who either play and instrument or are vocalists, and people who write songs or produce songs.

The groups first project from the leader of the club, Mr. Foote, was for each member to create a demo of a song. Mr. Foote says that this assignment will help him see what each members musical preference is.

For more information see Mr. Foote in room F110.