Strong Helps You Find Your Inner Strength


Isabel Paez, Reporter

All of us know how difficult it is to find the motivation to do things we don’t want to. Especially in the past year and a half, somedays it seems easier to just give up. Why work on schoolwork, projects, or study when you can just sit back and relax? Play that new video game you bought or re-watch a favorite TV show.

It’s easy to fall into this mindset but it can take herculean effort to get out of it once you do.

So, North High, how can you find the motivation to get through everyday life?

Well, you’re in luck, North High Alum Jennifer Strong McConachie literally wrote the book on it. In her book, Go Far, Jennifer recounts her adventures climbing some of the tallest mountains in the world, running hundreds of miles, and even trekking across a desert for five days in a row. And how all of those endurance sports can help build a mindset that can handle stress and challenges.

All of her fantastic adventures had humble beginnings here at Wichita in High School. As a student at North Jennifer was very involved at school. McConachie remembers North High fondly.

“I loved my experience at North. Going to North allowed me to participate and try many different things, from sports, to poms, to debate and forensics, to student council. I still love trying new things today, exploring, being curious, and staying open to new ideas,” McConachie said.

She continued. “I have wonderful memories and friends from my time at North. I still live in the area and love this part of Wichita, having adventures on the rivers and finding the fun around me – all things I learned and enjoyed at North. Our traditions, school spirit and the opportunities to try so many new things and meet and interact with so many people are also standouts.”

Her writing a book has been a dream for a long time. Now, she has a book signing on Sunday October 17 at one in the afternoon at Watermarks Book and Café.

If you have a dream that seems impossible to be motivated for, know that the impossible has been done before. McConachie is living proof of that.

So, if you find yourself falling into that giving up mindset, reflect on these parting words from McConachie.

“Work has to come first. Use your hobbies, or those things you want to do, to motivate you to get your work done! Then you can go out, have fun, do an energizing, life-giving hobby, so that you are mentally ready when it’s time to work again.”