Powderpuff and Bonfire

I had the opportunity to interview two teachers who we involved with the game, and this is what they had to say, first I had interviewed Mrs. Dean first I had asked “How do you think the game came out?” and she had to say that “I think the students had fun at the game. I had a lot of other teachers tell me that the students were talking about Powderpuff the next day and that the students seemed to enjoy it.” Then I had asked “Do you think something could have been better?”, she said “I wish the score was closer. I wasn’t expecting one team to win by such a decided margin, and I think it would have been more fun for the spectators if the game had been closer.” Next, I had asked “What’s one thing you would have done different?” and she said that “Well, it’s not within my control, but it would be nice to have more bleachers for spectator seating. We had quite a few people standing because the bleachers were full.” and I hundred percent agree but anyways next question was “What’s one part you liked?/How was the school spirit throughout the game?” and she answered with “I think the school spirit was pretty good. The cheerleaders did an excellent job, even if they needed some reminding to cheer for their teams.” Another question that I think everyone had was “Who did you think would win?” , she answered with “I had no idea who would win. As the class sponsor for the Juniors, I wanted them to win, but I had no idea how the game would turn out.”An lastly I had asked “where is the money from this event going to?” and she said “Powderpuff is a fundraiser for the Junior class. The money funds Prom, helping us keep ticket prices low and create a beautiful prom for the upperclassmen!”

The next teacher I had asked was Mr. Copeland which I had asked him the exact same question so” How do you think the game came out?” In his words “For the juniors, the game went very well! I think they all had fun. I tried to rotate kids in as much as possible to make sure everyone played. I was pleased with our efforts and we came out on top with a W!” The next question I had asked was “Do you think something could have been better?” He had said that he “wished we had a little more time to practice, but many girls had scheduling conflicts. That’s okay, though. I understand on short notice with only a few weeks to prepare that not all the girls would be able to show up to every practice. We could have come up with some team cheers. Administration could have been more involved and supportive of all the girls participating in this cherished tradition.” Another question that I had asked was “What’s one part you liked?” He said he “really liked how all the girls came together and played well with each other on short notice. It’s not easy to put together a team of kids that don’t know each other and expect them to trust each other within only a few practices. For the girls to come together was very special to see.” Lastly I asked him “How was the school spirit during/ throughout the game?” and lastly he said “Our spirits were high, even after Rodah scored for the seniors on the first play! We fought back and dominated the game. It was nice to see kids cheering each other on. It was something I had not seen in a long time.”