Alumni surprise choir with gift

Peyton Adams, Reporter

A North High Alumni granted Mrs. Davidson a $3,000 choir donation. Mr. Riches is a rocket scientist who graduated in 1962. “He talked about how much choir meant to him growing up,” Davidson says.

Riches brought the Fleet Street quartet to see the choir classes and they demonstrated four part harmony, also known as barber shop. The only class they did not get to visit was the Nocturnes.

Davidson is still deciding what to use the gift for. She thinks she could use it for extra performance clothing for kids who don’t have it or music folders that are more personalized for students. Being able to have performance clothing can not only affect how the singer performs but also their self esteem.

“It’s huge, it gives me freedom to make improvements in areas that will be felt by students,” Davidson said when asked about how the grant would affect her and the classes.