JROTC Changing Ranks

Marie Loest, Reporter

As we know North High has a JROTC program. They do a lot around here. But most recently they had a Promotion Ceremony to recognize their leadership. They also participated in a raider meet. The promotions were based on GPA, attendance, current rank and participation in JROTC events.

The top leaders were recognized in front of their Family, Mrs. Wasko, and Colonel Hester as our top leaders our Battalion (BN) Command Team. Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Keven Velasquez is our BN Commander, our top leader of 108 cadets. Cadet Command Sergeants Major (CSM) Alyana Welch is our BN CSM, and Cadet Major Elijah Delaney is our BN Executive Officer , cadet (Major Jacob Mackey the S-3 (training and calendar).

Here is a list of some students who here promoted:
Alpha company cadet (1SG) Devin James and Cadet (CPT) Kitana Snell.
Bravo company cadet (CPT) Elaina Cox and cadet (1SG) Savannah Haynes
Charlie company cadet (CPT) Isabela Velasquez, cadet (1SG) Alan Martinez,
Delta company cadet(CPT) Joshua Martinez-Romo ,cadet (1SG) Angel Jeronimo
Echo Company cadet (CPT) Aileen Hernandez cadet(1SG) winter walker
JROTC also had a orienteering meet and on of the co-ed teams placed second. They had a second orienteering meet but that was cancelled due to bad weather. The raider meet our cadets placed 2nd in the gauntlet event.

Congratulations to all!  JROTC’s lock in will be October 14th. If you have any questions, ask Major Phillips.