The “Devious” TikTok Trend Plaguing North

What started out as a TikTok trend has spiraled into a schoolwide clout fueled epidemic.

Bathrooms all around the school have been locked, soap dispensers ripped off the walls, and even an attempt at taking a clock on the second floor have all been the result of Devious Lick. Devious Lick is a trend with the goal of seeing who can steal the most impressive things from one’s school bathroom. Eventually, the chaos bled into the classrooms of schools and the hallways.

The tag was filled with videos of teens pulling things out of their backpacks that ranged from soap dispensers, exit signs, and expensive microscopes.

Students at North High hopped on the trend in early September and since then the consequences have rippled throughout the building. The boy’s bathroom on the second floor was closed due to several incidents of destruction of property was the first. Now, every bathroom on the first floor is closed and monitored during lunch save for the bathrooms in G hall .

The downfall of Devious Lick has cost both time and money.

“It costs about $50-60 and brand-new ones” said Dwayne Walker, head custodian here at North.

“How would you like it if I came into your house and ripped off the stuff on your walls?” Walker said.

Adam Soyring is an art teacher at North, he said “In the 6 years I worked at North, I never felt that I had to lock my office because somebody might steal something, and I feel like that so that’s a weird place to be.”

Some students were equally as frustrated as the staff.

Giovanny Medrano is a sophomore and he feels that “I really don’t know the reason behind why they do it, other than just to get attention, so I think their just being stupid.”

Another student Selene Coleptor is a sophomore expressed that “some of my classes are really close to the one that’s closed, so I have to walk all the way around to get to the bathroom, like at that point I’d just pee myself.”