Mixed results for volleyball to begin season


Katie Blessman, Photographer/ editer

The volleyball team is in full swing. After eight matches, they sit with a record of 3-5, beating Heights, South, and West.

Lone senior Leslie Retana thinks the season has been a mixed bag.

“The season isn’t going as expected, both good and bad. We are probably the best team we’ve had in years, but on the court I feel like we tend to fall out of it,” she said.

The team is only getting better and they continue to improve. Losing to Southeast was a big upset and the girls will come back harder and stronger. With COVID still being around, the girls are still playing and having to wear masks while on the bench. Visitors are able to come and watch but they are required to wear a mask as well.

Volleyball has a huge month coming up and it is packed full of matches. With 2 tournaments and 4 triangular games coming up in the month of October, the girls will continue to play hard and fight for the win. The next triangular game is on Tuesday September 28th at Kapaun Mt. Carmel high school.