North Nurse Faces Most Challenging Year Yet


Chelsia Mathew Judin

School Nurse Carmina Suter answers another phone call during her busy school day.

Elle Warren and Destiny Ponce

Covid has been a challenge for everyone from all around the world but more challenging for people in the medical field.

School nurses have to work very hard everyday and Covid is making it all the more challenging. The school nurse at North High, Carmina Suter has been working very hard to keep students and families safe.

She has been a school nurse for around 12 years and this year has been different from years past. This year has been different because of all the physical and mental needs from students at North.

“I work eight more hours a day” Suter said.

She comes to the school at least an hour earlier to school every morning and the traffic doesn’t help with that. She also shared with us that she is constantly helping people and people are always in need for something.

Even though this year may be more stressful and exhausting than years before, she said that she loves getting to know more families and interacting with more students every single day.

“I enjoy being more involved with the school and in students’ lives,” Suter said.