First drama performance postponed

Kaiser Lyne and Isabella Martinez

A new school year means the return of North High’s Theater Troupe. New actors and actresses, new director, and more dazzling performances on that well-lit stage. Although, amidst all of the excitement not everything is glitz and glamour for this year’s cast members and director.

You may have heard but this year’s first play, She Kills Monsters, and the rehearsals were postponed.

When Mr. Norfleet was asked about why production was postponed he responded with “a cast member was diagnosed with COVID.” It in a concerning matter; however, Norfleet has reassured us that all the cast members were required to get tested. This was so that everyone could be safe.  “we were only allowed 7 weeks to put the production up and after a week and a half of us being behind and with some people still being out in quarantine, we wouldn’t have been able to put the production up in a timely manner, so we had to postpone it.”

Norfleet was also asked to how many performances he planned to have this year and he answered with “I initially thought we would do two productions this year, we would have our fall production and then we would have a spring production. With the postponement with our fall production, we’re looking at potentially one production this year.” But he also suggested at the idea of smaller performances.

Despite the setback, the theater students are excited to get back on the stage and start performing.