Volleyball team ready to get started

Katie Blessman, Photographer/ Reporter

With everything starting to return to normal, the volleyball season has begun. The 2021 volleyball girls are excited to start the new season. The girls and the coaches are sure that they will win more games this year. This year there are three returning players Senior Leslie Retana, Junior Taryn St. Clair, and Sophomore Regina Aguilera.

” I hope this year we are more united and hope to be more upbeat and have more energy not just in games but in practice as well” says Retana. After the scrimmage at the breakfast feed, the team looked more together and ready for their first tournament on Saturday.

Even with COVID the team is still going to try and have everything as normal as possible.

Retana said, ” This season could be worse with COVID then it was last year” with the delta variant going around more and more cases are starting to show. With that being said everyone is taking percussions and are wearing mask when needed.