Summer plans for teens

Rico Agosto, Reporter

With the end if the school year about to end students and teens are making many plans for summer. some might work some might spend time with friends. With Covid going down many things have re opened so there is a lot of things to do here now in Wichita.

Mireya Adame (North high sophomore) said, ” My plans for this summer after school is to find a job and start saving up money so I can buy things I want. I feel like finding a job this summer will give me the experience of what working is and will prepare me for having to work in the future. I also want to start looking more into one specific college so that way I can have an idea of what I need to do to get accepted and if they have the classes in need to become what I want in my future.”

Lizette Burciaga (senior of North) also said, “This summer I honestly want to have some fun before I start putting my all into college. With graduating this year defiantly plans out how my summer will be but its never always having to go to college right away. You could choose to take a break or go right into school. I think its great for the mind to have a break and relive some stress.”

Students really deserve this summer with all of the difficulties of learning this new way.

How are you going to spend your summer?