Class Preferences

North High students are ending the year on May 25th. After the highs and lows of online and in person I wanted to see what classes made them happier and what classes they had struggles or issues in.

Favorite classes –

Spanish – They enjoyed learning new language and the environment was fun and energetic.  35.3%

English – They loved reading countless books and enjoyed the energy in class.  29.4%

Intro to engineering – They liked having hands on work and new experiences.  11.8%

Baking/cooking classes – They liked to learn a skill needed for the future. 11.8%

History – They liked the teaching style making class fun and easy. 5.9%

Biology – It helped them further themselves for their occupation in the medical field. 5.9%


Difficult classes – 

Algebra – It had been overall hard to memorize all the equations and was confusing to many. Students had a harder time focusing and paying attention. 34.6%

Geometry – It had been confusing and easy to mix up terms.  23.1%

Chemistry – It was hard to remember the basics and had been confusing. 15.4%

History –They had tons of work they had to stay on top off. 15.4%

English – Hard to stay focused and comprehend being online. 7.7%

Law and Business – Confusing terms and tons of work with not much instruction with it .  3.8%