Come Add to a Piece of North High History


Isabel Paez, Reporter

Take a stroll down the hallways at North and you’ll see all of the beautiful artwork that adorns our walls

Painted by students of years passed, adding to the culture of tradition unique to our school.

If you love to pass these paintings by in the hallways, you’re sure to love the ongoing mural in one of North’s art teacher’s classroom. In room E100, Mr. Soyring’s walls are covered in bits of art from prior students. The most noticeable of which is the collection of characters on the left wall.

Iconic cartoon characters like Pikachu and Stewie are side by side with original characters designed by students. Dozens of paintings from students drawn in the past four years take up more than half of the wall.

“It started slowly, just a couple at a time. Then quickly expanded with the help of a few students that have now graduated.” Soyring said about the beginning of the mural.

And students can add to it whenever they feel like. Whatever they want to add they can, no requisite required. You don’t even have to be a current art student.

“I really like to make art approachable. In that way I think the mural is a success. Too many people see art as something they don’t know anything about. They picture fancy abstract paintings in museums. Most art created and most artists aren’t that. People who created the cartoons depicted in the mural are as much artist as those old dead people we learn about in art history. I just want kids to realize there is a future in the arts for them no matter what they hear from people who aren’t artists. There are tons of careers in the art field and you don’t need to be a gallery artist to get them. “

If you’re curious about the mural, Mr. Soyring’s door is open at any time and he encourages you to come and add to this growing piece of North High history.