Summer From a Distance

Grace Claudio, Reporter

As school is ending in a few days, many teens are looking forward to summer plans. While some teens are fully vaccinated we still want to prevent Covid-19 cases from rising again. It is understandable to not want to wear a mask while going out with friends all the time so here area a couple of ways to have fun this summer with precautions.

Spend time with a small group of friends at a time, and if you want to spend time with another group then I’d suggest wait a week with some distancing, at least, to spend time with others. Or go out with masks almost always and stay at a distance from others.

For some distancing plans you can: go on a picnic; even a car picnic if the weather prevents you from going outside. You can bake pastries, cook food, play board games, go swimming. Go on a drive through town while blaring your music. Start a garden together, go visit local businesses. Have an art date painting on anything but canvases. Go to the art museum, Cowtown, the Zoo, parks, the gym, clean up around the city.

If you want to do nice things for others at a distance then you can make bags for the homeless or those who need help; filled with food that will not spoil quickly. If you have shoes that do not fit you or that you do not want anymore then you can sit them outside together for those to grab it with a pair of socks. You can go to hospital websites and write letters for the people. If you want to be nice but do not want people to see you, you can sit cases of frozen water out in the morning so that if anyone needs a water it will be cold for longer duration in the day.

Enjoy the summer!