Bee and Puppycat Recap and Theories

Darlenne Casas, Reporter

Last time I wrote to you all on why you should watch the amazing show; Bee and Puppycat, now today I’m here to talk about loose plot points and analyze the show with you all. Giving my final thoughts and theories on what has happened so far in the series! Hopefully you already watched the series before reading this, if not this is the official spoiler warning! If you haven’t watched Bee and Puppycat then I highly recommend you do before reading this. With that said let’s begin with the review!

There a lot of things we don’t have enough information to draw a conclusion on in the show, like who exactly is Bee. She’s the main character we grew to love yet we don’t exactly know much about her. Throughout the series we learn about who Bee is. Childish, naïve, sweet, and silly. But when we learned that she is a cyborg. That flipped us over our heads. It was foreshadowed a lot if you look closely. Like the remarks Deckard would make about how strong and heavy she is weren’t just flavor text. Or how Bee has stated multiple times she doesn’t like water. Even Cass said how Bee doesn’t act like there age, that she’s child-like and Deckard loves to “mother” her. We learned in the Glitchcord episode, Bees Birthday, That Bee was fatally sick when she was young. To the point where she was staying inside all day. Again, the shows very vague on these plot points but we can theorize that this sickness was the thing that lead to Bee becoming a Cyborg.

Cyborgs are robots, Partially. They are half human and half machine. Typically, they are created after a person undergoes a tragic accident that requires body parts to be replaced. Sense we don’t know much about Bees “accident/sickness “besides being almost bed-ridden, this is the only conclusion we can draw. Many people have speculated that Bee is a robot, but as we see in the Glitch cord Episode, Bee has a photo of her and her Father, Bee was quite obviously a child during that. Robots can’t age nor grow up, so the only option is that at a young age Bee suffered potentially deadly injuries that resulted her father to fix her, by creating Bee into a Cyborg.

Speaking of Bee’s father this brings us onto another vague plot hole. Who exactly is he? Bee only mentioned him once throughout the series and when she did it’s that she misses him. Maybe he died, we don’t know but the point I want to bring you all to realize is that Bee’s father has some sort of relation/connection to Puppycat. Puppycat is a weird but complex character. Cute and sassy but has a sad twisted backstory. To recap, Puppycat wasn’t always… well Puppycat. As we see in the pilot and multiple instances in the series Puppycat isn’t his real form or identity. He has stated that he is a space outlaw, and alongside that he can’t maneuver his new body well. He got turned into Puppycat after his lover betrayed him and corned him by her guards. He luckily escaped but before that he was turned into Puppycat, we learned this from the pilot. As we see in the last episode Bee’s arm is severely injured and that’s how we find out she’s a Cyborg, her hands spews put mechanical parts and wires In front of Deckard. When Bee runs home Puppycat finds the trail of machine parts when looking for Bee and picks them up. We see parts that have Puppycat’s face on it which already raises a lot of questions but the thing that stomps us all is that when Puppycat sees Bee healing herself with her Dadbox she says they both don’t know much about each other. Obviously Bee’s father knows who Puppycat is, sense he created Bee’s mechanical parts and it has Puppycat’s face plastered everywhere.

It’s obvious that Puppycat ties into Bee and her father but how is the real question. There’s not much to go off sense the show makes if incredibly vague. But another connection Puppycat has is with Cardomen’s mother. We see Cardomen in the Beach episode as Bee’s landlord, which again raises questions on how a 6-year-old can be a landlord. We learn later from Bee that Cardomen’s mother is the landlord and she mention to Cardomen how is his mother doing. Why isn’t she doing her job? Cardomen response saying she’s still sick and that’s why he is running the complexes. Again, the shows incredibly vague so we don’t know what Cardomen’s mother sick has but from the that episode we can conclude Puppycat has a connection to Cardomen’s mom also. When Cardomen has a playdate with Puppycat and his dog, Puppycat runs away and stumbles into Cardomen’s mom’s room where Cardomen explains to Puppycat what happened. Puppycat seems to know her just by that intense stare we get from him. But another thing is that how in the beginning of the episode Puppycat seems to really want the weird hammer Cardomen has, saying it’s his. From what we understand Puppycat has a relation with the 2 Parents, Maybe hinting that Cardomen and Bee aren’t human at all. Sense Puppycat is a space creature so it could be more likely than we think.

The last thing I want to talk about and go over is the stance with Deckard and Bee , from the first episode we learn that they are both interested In each other but haven’t done much to pursue the relationship ,almost like something is holding them back from doing so. Cass confronts Deckard about how his rejecting his future to stay here and “be” with Bee. When Bee finds this out later, she was heartbroken. But when Deckard finds out Bee was a cyborg; not only was he shocked he but then he also decides it was the perfect time to leave for cooking school. Shade aside maybe he came to terms with that he doesn’t need to baby Bee when she’s completely capable herself. Deckard leave Cass with a mysterious note for Bee and he finally leaves for School and the last thing we see is Puppycat getting to know Bee, asking random questions to each other.

This show is full foreshadowing and heavy plot that we yet learn to know the full story of, it’s amazing and fun to pieces together our own ideas while we wait for Lazy in space. Not only does the show have an amazing plot the characters, relationships, and messages. Hopefully Lazy in space answers our questions and further explains Bee and Puppycat’s world.