Should covid vaccine be mandatory for students return?

Rico Agosto, Reporter

With the coronavirus there has been many ups and downs, especially with school. Recently people have been taking the vaccine and getting a card showing proof that they did. This vaccine has many mixed opinions, some good and some bad. There are conspiracy’s about these vaccines including the Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and especially the Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen. Many locations and activities might start requiring these vaccines and the card to show proof that the vaccine has been given. So would schools also require this?

“I think students who are old enough, 16 and over, should all get the vaccine, yes, but I don’t think it should be mandatory. We just need to encourage the vaccine. We can’t be immune as individuals. We will only defeat the virus as a community,” said Jenifer Berry, science teacher.

Arleth Lopez (senior student) said, ” I would say yes and no because one it would benefit the students and  community, and make it a safer place at school. It would also help with the social distancing and the amount of people at school and lose the mask mandate. But then also we as students should still get our learning even though we might not want to receive the vaccine, its ours and our parents decision overall.”

There are many mixed opinions on the vaccine and if it should be mandatory, but what are your thoughts on this topic?