Return of the Full Week

Isabel Paez, Reporter

With the end of Spring Break came another step on the way back to normal for North High students.

The return of the five-day school week and the removal of remote Wednesdays (they will be missed) is the latest move in bringing back school life from before the pandemic. With students from all grade levels attending all week, the outlook for next school year is hopeful.

With this everything else we have missed out on seems closer than it had before. All of the clubs, plays, and concerts that we went without this year are within our grasp again as more students roam the halls of North than there have been in a year.

News from the state is also promising as the mask mandate in Sedgwick county is dropped and numerous vaccines are administered every day.

Even though the transition is for the better, change can still be difficult.  Especially for those who had been remote up until this last quarter, like Brenna Rodriguez a junior here at North.

“The transition from remote school to in-person 5 days a week had been very draining. My schedule changed drastically while remote and I’m now finding it hard to break old habits I’ve made over a year,” Brenna said.

Despite the growing pains students are going through, students should hold onto the hope that this readjustment gives. Whether that’s the return of a favorite club or the return of a normal lunch schedule in Brenna’s case.

“As a whole, I’m pretty proud of all the teachers and students for being able to adapt to the changes we’ve faced this year.” Rodriguez states.

Keep holding on North High, we’re almost there!