Students Opinions on Godzilla vs Kong.

Jaydon Kammavongsa, Reporter

Godzilla was recently released on March 31st on HBO Max.

Here were some student’s opinions on the new movie. Skye Todd,  said, “Overall I think it was a good movie, the plot is well done and the ending was really good. I wasn’t surprised by the ending, but I didn’t think what happened at the end, was going to happen.” Mason Feld, another student at North High said this: “It was a good movie, definitely could be better, but overall a solid 8/10.” Angel Perez, another North student, said, “Its alright, they could’ve made it better by giving the people, the kids mostly, less screen time, than the actual fight scenes.”

Some strong reviews from these students. I definitely recommend watching the movie, if you haven’t already.