The Popularity of the DreamSPM

Darlenne Casas, Reporter

The DreamSPM is a Multiplayer Roleplaying Minecraft server that is owned by Dream. Alongside Dream there are over 50 members in the server playing along and adding to their story. Ever sense its creation back in 2019 the SPM has skyrocketed in popularity recently with many famous twitch streamers joining in. The SPM has gained a massive following of fans because of its members, the lore, and stories they have created. As time went on, more and more streamers and creators have joined the SPM. Bringing their own stories and ideas to the SPM, but also their fans. The SPM has gotten so popular that the members offer people who are interested to tour the sever , the most recent interaction of this is Lil Nas X visiting the server with Karl Jacobs , Ranboo , CORPSEHUSBAND and Georgenotfound giving him a tour.

If your ever on Twitter, you’ll most likely see something trending about the SPM and the Streamers. During livestreams fans tweet about things they did or said, a nice way to engage fans with streamers in real time, the most iconic and infamous one is Dream falling of his chair live. There are other times where fans got the most obscure things trending as well. Another one was the Joe mama joke. Fans got JOE MAMA trending on twitter after SPM members Qauckity fell for BadBoyHalo’s joe mama joke on his live, his chat making fun of him and getting in on the joke. While the fans trending things from the livestreams might annoy other users, it shows the engagement the streamers have with their fans and rise in popularity of the DreamSPM has shown this in the best way.

Twitch has always been a popular site for streaming live, but it became increasingly popular when the Pandemic hit. Many creators began streaming most notably games such as Volrant, Among us and Minecraft. The DreamSPM stories and lore would be streamed on Twitch by the members telling their story. The streamers plan the lore out and get other members to join to help bring their story to life. The SPM is almost like watching a movie, but it’s improve acting. This leads to funny moments and serious moments too. On the surface the SPM just sees like some silly nerd roleplaying Game, it goes deeper than that. While the stories and lore are addicting to watch, the most amazing part of it is the community. The way the streamers engage with fans and applaud them for creating theories and fanart. While the community isn’t fully amazing and perfect like other communities, the best part outshines the bad.

The creations fans had made inspired by the SPM are amazing, the fanart, theories, animations are just all have so much passion and work put into it. One of the most well-regarded animators and artist of the community, SAD-ist, has made a new animatic and it took YouTube and Twitter by storm. The video, Hog Hunt has been trending #1 on YouTube for 2 days sense its premier and accumulated 7.3 million views sense is debut on April 3rd. Many of the streamers such as, Tommyinnit, Tubbo, Sapnap and Jackmanifold have live reacted to the animation on stream thoroughly enjoying and complementing it every second. On twitter many artists hopped on the screenshot redraw trend and redrawing scenes form the animation in their own style. This trend even ran through Instagram.

The connection between fans and creators have always been limited to small interactions, but with streamers they connect with fans in real time which leads to a stronger community of fans. Though many hate the DreamSPM and the community for its massive following and popularity, you can’t deny the creations and creativity the community has. You don’t even need to be a fan of the SPM to admire the work it creates, and I think that’s just amazing.