How do our teachers feel about students coming back?

Grace Claudio, Reporter

Since coming back after spring break there has been a lot more students in the building and some of you may have been wondering, “How do our teachers feel about us coming back?”

“Do they feel overwhelmed?” “Are they excited?” “Do they love it, or hate it?” We have opinions from teachers of different departments about how they’re feeling.

Mrs. Dean, an English teacher, stated that she loves to have more smiling faces in the building and how it is not as quiet anymore in the halls. In some of her classes there has been more participation from the students and those who are in person seem to get stuff done faster due to not having the distractions at home. Her favorite part about having students back is now it being easier to tell when the students are struggling and she can do quick check ins to see.

Ms. Cunningham, a Math teacher, stated, “I love having full classroom with students present. I love getting to know my students in the passing period and other down times when I can chat with them.” With participation, she stated that at first the in person students were hesitant to speak aloud but as thee week progressed they became more comfortable speaking aloud. Her favorite thing about having more students in her classroom is being able to see that the students are learning and accomplishing the work they are doing together and being able to speak with students in passing period and when they have time in the classroom.

Even though there is only responses from a couple teachers its expected that there are other teachers that feel the same with having the students back; excited and ready for the year.