The day I got the “Shot”


Alexa Almeda

Waiting to get the all clear from the medical staff after I received my Covid-19 vaccination.

Alexa Almeda, Reporter

Alexa Almeda
Alexa Almeda
Alexa Almeda
Alexa Almeda

It happened on March 17, 2021 at 7:45 pm.

An event that I would have never imagined would have happened as soon as it did. 

I was getting the COVID- 19 vaccination.

Now when I found that I was now able to get the vaccine I was scared. Until that moment I had never heard of a teenager getting the shot, let alone what the experience was like.

Which is why I am giving you a look into what it was like for me.

I want to begin first by saying that under Sedgwick County’s Phase 2 new criteria I qualified as I am working in food services and over the age of 16.

Setting up an appointment is very easy as you can just click on this link and it will tell you where to go from there:  

There are a few locations to choose from the one I chose was the Library downtown.

Once you get to your location the volunteers and health professionals will guide you until you reach the line for the actual vaccination.

I was surprised to see that at that time I seemed to be the only adolescent there. 

As the line moved closer and closer I finally reached the table I was assigned to. The nurse was make small talk as the vaccinations were being administered and then it happened.

I was shot. Now I am not one that is easily bothered by needles but I have had my fair share of pokes and this one was probably the one that hurt the least.

Once I was done I was observed for 15 min in case of any reaction and then was able to head out.

Overall it was a quick, easy and safe process. If you have the ability to get vaccinated I would recommend you take. Especially as teenagers, we can really help fight against the COVID-19 Virus. I will be going back for my second dose in three weeks.