Trying New Sports

Taylyn Padilla, Reporter

If you are an athlete you know that you have one sport that you really like to do. Some athletes have two or more they like to do. If you wanted to try a new sport it can be very nerve racking. Especially if its way out of your comfort zone. For example I am a competitive cheerleader and I wanted to try track this year, especially pole vaulting.

Pole vaulting is a very hard sport and very technical, from placing your hands on the correct spot to counting your steps and jumping off the right foot. When I first started pole vaulting I thought it would be kind of easy because I did gymnastics for a little while. But the first day I started I realized how much goes into pole vaulting. There were so many techniques I had to learn.

Some of those techniques I had to learn was how to twist your body and sweep your feet in front of you. Then I had to learn how to grab the pole and make sure my hands were a forearm away from each other. After learning how to twist your body and where to put your hands at then you had to learn how far away do you start from your jumping point. You have to take a good five strides away from the jumping point.  For me that was the hardest part because I would over think about my jump into the vault.

At first I thought to my self after realizing how hard pole vaulting is I wanted to give up. However, I realized that in life you got to try new things and at first it is not going to be easy because it’s a new thing but once you really practice and put effort in it will be something you love to do. You have to give things time to see if you really like it and you have to put effort in.  If after a while you don’t really like it then there’s always something else you could. what I mean by that is try something new.

After giving it time and effort I really am starting to like pole vault. It’s something new and is staring to become fun after trying and trying to be better.