Prom Fashion: Pandemic Edition

Darlenne Casas, Reporter

The Pandemic has cancelled a lot of events for many. It’s hard not being able to go out without worrying if you have your mask and taking the right precautions to avoid spreading the virus to others. So when North announced that they will be having a Prom when everyone assumed it would be cancelled, many students were excited to look forward to something this year. May 8th will be the class of 2021’s Prom.

While It does sound risky, the school is taking all the precautions and safety measures to ensure students are safe and having a fun time. Students now have something to look forward to and get the rush of shopping while planning for prom.

Students and staff are required to wear mask to the event while maintaining distance. This has me wondering , will masks be a new fashion statement. A lot of students want to look their best, it’s an important time in every teenagers life. Would the mask prevent them having fun or is it a opportunity to make their outfit come to life?

“I don’t mind having to wear a mask but hopefully we at least get a small break from wearing the mask all night,” says Joanna Botello-Reyes a Senior of North wrote. “My mask will probably be black because black matches with everything, but I usually choose the dress first then everything else.”

A big part of Prom is the exhilaration of shopping and preparing for it. What outfit will I wear, what color would is be, what shoes will match with it? With the precautions being put down a mask is required to be worn at the event. Will people start trying to make mask a fashion statement? When the pandemic started a popular viral trend was going around TikTok of people customizing their mask with embroidery , Patterns , Designs, tie-dye etc. It was everywhere around Tik-Tok trying to spread awareness how important mask are during this time. While our mask are typically plain and not fun to wear it’s a fun idea to spice it up and decorate it making it your very own.

One of the biggest concerns students have is the risk of spreading the virus to others , which is a national concern for many. A lot of celebrity’s where caught going out and having parties in the middles of a pandemic. Fans dragging them through twitter and telling them how irresponsible it was. So students wonder if this is safe? The school has stated that they will do their best to keep students safe while having a good time. The event will require students to wear a mask , as stated before , but also maintain their distance.

“I’m used to wearing mask all the time for work,” said Luz Gonzalez, a Senior at North. “I have mixed feelings about Prom, Because there might be a lot of people and a mask only protects to a certain extent.”

Some students express there concerns but happy to have something to look forward to, while others think its safe if everyone takes precaution and follows the rules. “I think if we follow the rules like having masks and not going if your sick its safe to do prom” Joanna Reyes said.

Hopefully Prom will be safe and fun for students. In the mean time, it’s not a bad idea to start customizing your mask.