Things to do during Spring Break

Jaydon Kammavongsa, Reporter

If you’re bored and don’t know what to do over spring break, let me help you decide.

The weather during spring break will most likely be in the 60’s and will be rainy towards the end of next week. So for the first half of spring break, you should spend time outside, maybe hang out with family, or go to a friends house. (Note, you should be safe around who you hangout with- you don’t want to get others & yourself sick.) Try getting away from the online world, and go out and have fun. As of today most places like; Dave & Busters, The Alley, Aviate, and the mall are all open. So go out with family & friends while staying safe.

If you cant go out or just want to stay home, do something that can better yourself, set a goal for spring and see if you can accomplish it, whether that’s to make a certain amount of money or a certain weight you want to bench-press. Don’t stay home and let the free time go to waste, do something good for yourself, or others.


Just remember to stay safe and wear your masks in public, or around people you haven’t seen in a while.