My Pandemic Experience

Cicely Garcia, Reporter

The year of 2020 was a very difficult time and year for me both mentally and physically. At first, I was very excited to be out of school after me and my friends would talk at lunch about how cool it is that schools were closing down in the U.S. due to the pandemic and they get to be at home and not do homework.

After a month of being out of school, I felt like I got hit in the face with a big bag of depression and anxiety. I didn’t feel like myself and I haven’t had my depression be that severe since the 7th grade. I spent most of my summer being stuck inside watching Dave & Ava on YouTube repeatedly while cooking, cleaning and taking care of my five nieces and nephews while my mom and sister went to the stores everyday for almost 5 months straight.

I felt like I was going mental and honestly wanted to go back to school during summer vacation because I felt like I was missing out on my high school experience. Every night I would fall asleep with tears in my eyes and a sad Spotify playlist playing in my headphones because I was in a very dark place at the time.

Every summer, my mom and I would go camping almost every other week at Cheney Lake, but this summer, we only got to go 2 times because the lake was closed down. I ended up gaining a lot of weight during this period of time which made me really sad.

I had gotten exposed by many people close to me because they had gotten Covid-19 like my brother, his girlfriend, my two cousins. The only thing I enjoyed about this whole pandemic thing is that on May 9th, 2020, I found two little kittens in my shed and I decided to raise them since their mom abandoned them and now in a couple months, it will be their first birthday.