How Covid-19 affected me

Alicia Sifuentes-Gutierrez, Writer

It was my freshman year when COVID began. It had its biggest impact on me. I thought it was just another extra few days of spring break so I wasn’t too worried at first. Slowly, it got worse with cases spiking school had ended with a blink of an eye . At that moment I was just sad I wouldn’t finish my freshman year or see my friends until next year.

Summer wasn’t much better. I had been stuck inside feeling very alone and it took a toll on my mental health. I spent most of my time with my family at my house. Trying to feel better I would stay on my phone all day and try random trends going on here and there- from making coffee and small pancake cereal.

I volunteered at my brother’s business which takes tables and chairs to events. I would enjoy hanging out with my brother and helping people. Since the pandemic hit we haven’t had much of anything .

Summer ended and I really hoped to be able to be in-person and start what was left of my sophomore year but decided to stay at home to avoid getting any family members sick.

I still feel like a freshman. I don’t remember any of my school or classmates. It has been tough staring at a screen and sitting in a room alone and calling it learning.

Socially, I’ve always been quiet and shy. I never had an issue going out in public until now. I fear everyone is watching me and criticizing me wherever I go, just a sense of panic. Not only am I trying to find myself at this age but just process everything that happened during this time. This pandemic affected me and my thoughts and I truly believe the person I was a year ago no longer exists.