Opinions on The Walking Dead

Kylie LeValley, Reporter

“The Walking Dead has gained my attention in the expectation of survival in an apocalypse. The show shows love, compassion, and unity between different groups of individuals trying to survive” exclaimed Michael LeValley.

No matter your age, The Walking Dead is known to be a show that brings families together through the heartbreak, survival, and danger from the apocalypse. Although there is a lot of gore throughout the show, it shows the abilities of the characters and how they are able to survive through it all.

For multiple people, Maggie and Glen are their favorite characters because you get to watch strangers fall in love and be each others person. For Isabel Cheater, Rick Grimes is her favorite character from the television show. Daryl Dixon is Jaylynn Lucas’s favorite character because she can relate to him since “he is sort of a loner and an outcast.”

Out of all the 147 episodes, there are a few scenes that stand out to the fans. In season 5 when Rick and his group are surrounded by walkers and they have to find a way to get away from them without being in complete danger, is the scene that stands out to Isabel Cheater. The scene that stands out to Michael LeValley as his favorite scene is when Rick and Michonne mowed down hundreds of walkers with the high-strength tensile cable.

Even if you haven’t watched The Walking Dead, Isabel Cheater encourages you to watch it since it is a “10/10 show highly recommended to anyone.”