Updated Covid-19 Guidelines

Peyton Adams, writer

There are updated Covid-19 guidelines in Sedgwick County.

Social gatherings are now limited to one hundred people and they must be social distancing and wearing masks. Venues are not allowed to host events of over one hundred people unless the Local Health Officer, Dr. Garold Minns, approves. Religious institutions are exempt from this rule.

Nail salons, Arber shops, Hair salons, and other personal services are remaining open and appointments should be prescheduled. Fitness centers can hold up to 150 individuals.

Bars, Night clubs, and restaurants are open, but they must follow the midnight curfew and open at 5 am. No more than eight people can be seated together, and all tables must be placed six feet apart.

Masks with a vent or valve are not allowed because air can be exhaled. Face shields, however, are still acceptable. Children of five years or younger still do not have to wear masks. Children who are in kindergarten must follow their school’s orders on wearing masks.

Public pools and parks can be open if they follow social distancing rules. No more than 100 people can attend a gathering at parks.

The consequences for not following these rules can be up to a $500 fine and a $20 court cost. This order expires March 20th.