Basketball heads to Sub-State

Katie Blessman, Reporter/Photographer

This year has been very crazy for sports, with the pandemic affecting everyone’s season, the shortage of players, and the fans that could not attend to support their athletes. However, it is slowly coming to an end.

With that being said the last two post-season games did not go as planned. Both boys and girls teams lost to Bishop Carroll and East High on Monday and Tuesday of this week.

Top scorers for the girls against Bishop Carroll were Guadalupe Urbina-Montes with 7 and Taryn St.Clair with 5. Against East were Taryn St.Clair with 6 and Alexus Shaw with 4.

The boys top scorers were Jacob Wassall with 15, Michael Bailey Jr. with 10, and Taye Lowri with 7.

Head Coach Eric Hammond says “Overall, I thought my team showed a commitment to playing hard and competing each night. Although we would’ve wanted more wins in the regular, we can take pride in how we played.”

The girls will be going up against East High on Wednesday March 3rd for their spot at state. The boys will be going against West High on Saturday February 27th.