Who’s Most Likely To?

Cicely Garcia, Reporter

Lately, a new TikTok trend has been going around everyone’s For You Page and has left plenty of people ugly laughing. This viral trend is when you create a Google Form that consists of questions asking who is more likely to do certain things in your friend group or also who acts a certain way between your friend group.

The person who made the Google Form would then send the link of the Google Form Survey they created to their friends to fill out. After all of their friends have voted/filled out the Google Form, they would all gather around at one of their friend’s houses or on Zoom if they would rather social distance and would all together go over the results.

The Google Form would then put all of the responses into a pie chart with percentages and each person’s name would be a different color. Some people could be on the pie chart if they got voted for that question and on the other hand, their name could not be on the pie chart because they didn’t get voted for that question.

I decided to do this trend with my family members which left my family members and myself laughing very much. I really wanted to do this trend, but felt like my family would not want to do this. I am happy to have done this because the Google Forms were very fun to make.