Weekly recap of Basketball

Katie Blessman

Wednesday February 17th, North High took on Southeast and ended up losing. Girls varsity lead scorers were AmUnique Cavitt with 14 and Guadalupe Urbina-Montes with 8.

Boys varsity top scorers were Jacob Wassall with 16, Byron Woods and Taye Lowri with 8, and Michael Bailey Jr. with 7.

On Friday February 19th, North High played Heights and ended up losing with the scores being 61-34 for the girls and 67-38 for the boys.

Top scorers for the boys were Byron Woods with 12, Michael Bailey Jr. and Jacob Wassall with 7.

AmUnique Cavitt with 16 and Noel Brown with 11 for the girls.

Head Coach Michael Bailey states “we had too many turnovers that led to easy baskets for Heights. Once we settled down, our offensive execution went well for us”.