Despite changes in admission, ACT is still encouraged

Ana Nunez, Reporter

With corona shutting down school many colleges have started to be flexible with acceptance requirements for CO 21′ & 22′. Many colleges have waived the ACT/SAT scores but still require a certain GPA.

College Career Coordinator Rachel Schmeidler said, “Not only are colleges making these acceptations for admissions, but also have select scholarships that do not require ACT/SAT scores.”

It is still recommended to take the test as the scores that are earned might help receive scholarship funds. Today more and more students are choosing to study closer to home due to so many advantages it has such as lower tuition.

Especially during COVID restrictions many students of class of 20′ decided it was best to stay home since they would have to stay home.

“Yes, students are staying closer to home at the present time. Many do not see the advantage of paying for activity fees, dorm room and meal plan with current COVID restrictions in place,” Schmeidler said. “The other reason many are choosing to stay closer to home while attending college is that they do not want to pay the higher tuition price if there is a chance the class could go completely online or if the school decides to close for COVID related reasons.”

If you are having any troubles as a junior or senior preparing for college the CCC is offering help for application process, scholarship help and much more through teams for fully remote students and can also do face to face if your in the building just schedule a meeting. Seniors also have a teams page kept up to date with scholarships and much more.