Weekly Recap Varsity Basketball

Katie Blessman, Reporter

On Tuesday February 2nd, girls and boys varsity both were defeated by Kapaun Mt. Carmel. Byron Woods led the boys with 13 and AmUnique Cavitt with 18 for the girls.

Later that week, on Friday, February 5th both teams took on Northwest. With the girls winning by 30 points, led by their defense holding Northwest to 19 points. Top scorers for the game was Cavitt with 19, Guadalupe Urbina-Montes with 13, and Noel Brown with 10.

Northwest defeated the boys varsity by 30. Top scorer of the game was Emilian Carrion with 13. Head Coach Eric Hammond said, “I thought we played hard, and played some good stretches of basketball on both ends throughout the game.  We defended as hard as we could, despite having a depleted roster right now.” Due to COVID both teams are limited players and it has affected the teams in tremendous ways.