WSU RN Heather Stafford gets COVID-19 Vaccine

Kylie Levalley, Reporter

The COVID-19 vaccination has been given to all healthcare workers who have taken the opportunity to get it. Early January, Heather Stafford, a nurse at Wichita State University, was one of the first to get the vaccination at WSU. “You have to have healthy healthcare staff to take care of the sick. I couldn’t get that vaccine fast enough.”

As a nurse, she knew the risk of getting COVID-19 was always going to be there, but as her job, she knew she had to help the students at WSU. While she worked with the students every day, she “always knew that healthcare professionals would be the first to get vaccines.” Stafford and her coworkers all use personal protective equipment and different strategies to reduce their exposure.

Although there were some mild side effects from the covid vaccine, she said they were nothing different from any other vaccination she has gotten before.

Heather continues to work with the students trusting the vaccine and all the other professionals to make sure she doesn’t come down with COVID-19.

The vaccine is now being distributed to the elderly in Wichita as there are more doses being shipped to town.