Boys and Girls basketball sweep West

Katie Blessman, Reporter

On Tuesday January 26th, both boys and girls varsity defeated West High. The girls won, 49-19.

AmUnique Cavitt was the top scorer for the girls game with a total of 15 points followed by Guadalupe Urbina with 12 and Noel Brown with 11.

Head coach Michael Bailey states that “the team came into the game focused and confident. The girls took control of the game early and played hard throughout the game.”

With North being presented as one of the worst teams in the GWAL league, they are now starting to come out and show who they really are.

” They are now being recognized for their play and the rest of the teams are now paying attention to us” Bailey said.

The boys varsity beat West in overtime with Emilian Carrion making a

3-pointer to win the game. The top scorers of the game were Taye Lawre with 21, Carrion with 15 and Jacob Wassall with 11.

Head Coach Eric Hammond said that ” the game was an excellent display of teamwork, belief, and competing at the highest level regardless if you are up or down in the game.”

Even while facing many obstacles this season, Hammond was proud to see his team pull off the victory.

” It was a great feeling, more so for the team, and for them to pull together like that shows their great character.” Hammond said. Winning that game boosted the boys confidence knowing they can win games and pull through the tough times.