4×4 Schedule, Like it or Hate it?


Maleah Evans, Reporter

When schools started making announcements about school starting back up, they mentioned a 4×4 schedule. Most students and parents responded with confusion. The 4×4 is laid out to where students only have 4 classes everyday for one semester and their other 4 classes everyday the next semester. This schedule was supposed to take the stress off of the students and it worked out because schools went online for the start of the year anyways.

There was a mixed response from students, some agreed that it would be easier and others felt it would make school harder.

Marcos Montanez, a Junior at North High said it was too early for him to tell. His first reaction was confusion and he felt it made sense, “things are all out of wack right now so it kinda makes sense.” He said he felt that with learning the material everyday might make it easier for him to remember the material.

Layla Johnson, a Junior at North High said no, she doesn’t like this schedule. Her first reaction was that it might be less stressful and that there would be less homework. “I was very wrong, the new schedule makes it harder to find study buddies in all our classes, and limits the time we have to make up assignments.” She feels like its harder so far, but her answer is subject to change.

Isabel Paez, a Junior at North High said yes, she likes the 4×4 schedule. “My first reaction was just confusion, and then afterwards I was relieved I wouldn’t have to take all of my AP classes at the same time.” Isabel thinks the schedule is a little unorganized. She feels the workload is about the same so far, but says having the same classes everyday is a little tiring. “Overall I kind of like it better because everything gets out of the way quicker, in concept I would be fine but in practice I’m struggling.”

Josh McCreery, a Senior at North High said no, he doesn’t like the 4×4 schedule. He was a little confused and got frustrated because it had changed. “I want it to go back, so I have an extra day to work on assignments and so that I can meet many more people.” He said that this schedule is both easy and hard and that they both have their perks

An anonymous source from East High said no, they don’t like the schedule. “My first reaction was mainly confusion on how it would work, considering the school I go to doesn’t use a block schedule.” They said that so far the schedule isn’t that bad, but they’re assuming it’ll get harder, faster paced later on. They said for them its easier, since they don’t have to worry about some classes until the next semester.

Elysse Sparling, a Sophomore at North High, said both yes and no. She said she likes not alternating classes because she’d forget which class she’s supposed to be in. “It was pretty cool getting the schedule the first time because I was excited for my classes.” “It kinda stinks that I didn’t get to be put into AP Studio art like I wanted, but there’s always next year.” She said it’s easier for her because she can do things at her own pace while still keeping up, she’d prefer to be in person, but the 4×4 isn’t too bad for her.