Coronavirus: fact vs. fiction

Kenda Farhat and Gabi Ehss

The top trending headlines across multiple news sources all have one thing in common: the Coronavirus. Also officially known as COVID-19, the virus that originated in Wuhan, China  was, as of today, announced as a pandemic. The spread has been rapid and deadly, approaching about 5,000. While it has been proven to be lethal only to those with compromised immune systems, predominately the elderly, the virus has stirred up fear and suspicion amongst people. Buying sanitizer and disinfecting wipes has not been this hard in years.

North high is full of many different opinions, spiraling into theories. Counselor Carlos Cottner thinks it may have been less spontaneous than it seemed, connecting it to the upcoming election in November. North high’s nurse, Mrs. Katie, thinks that blowing it out of proportion has helped to prepare people. Science teacher Mr. Owen agrees, thinking that it helps people avoid the problem.

Overall, the fear within people is not uncalled for, but does not directly affect anybody at a high school age. While a case was confirmed in Kansas, the spread has not reached Wichita. However, as potential carriers, it is very important to take health precautions. Do not share drinks, food, and saliva. Avoid touching your face, specifically the eye area, and as Mrs. Katie said, “Make sure you wash your hands!” Ideal hand washing occurs within the time needed to sing the chorus of Beyonce’s ‘Love On Top’.