Gown Town sets up shop


Tate Miller

Considered one of the most significant events of high school also takes the title for most expensive. This years annual Gown Town, filled the Traditional gym floors with free formal wear to students who provided a student ID.

Gown Town is an event held annually, made possible through donations and volunteers.

Leslie Roach and a team of volunteers set up racks and organize dresses, 24-48 hours before the event.

“The Cleaners store the garments in the off time and the racks are stored here at North high,” Roach said.

Fitting rooms lined the gym wall, students are permitted to trying out 3 garments at a time.

Found next to the fitting station, volunteers from Members of The Wichita Chapter of the American Sewing League, made alterations at the event for free.

“I used to make my own prom dresses,” volunteer Susie Dyer said.

Accessories and shoes to go along with formal wear are made possible through donations.

“Making girls happy is all worth it,” Dyer said.