Who is Mr. B?

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Who is Mr. B?

Ian Mathews, Reporter

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Sherdeill Breathett, more commonly known as “Mr. B”, is our college and career coordinator here at North High. Many students know him, but only few know about him.


Mr. B was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Here, his love for football, family and music grew. Music became a significant motivator throughout the course of Breathett’s life.


“You don’t get paid by how many notes you play in the song. A lot of times, people don’t realize the beauty in simplicity. This very thing could also be applied in life. Just because we can do something in life, doesn’t mean we should. Don’t overcomplicate things.”


Mr. B has learned a lot of life lessons from his experience with music, and hopes to share these lessons with others.


He finds joy in the little things, and in making people laugh and smile. When asked about Mr. Breathett, students said things such as “He is always upbeat, involved, and interested in the well-being of his students” or “Mr. B is someone that I look up to because of how caring he actually is about his students.”


When asked to describe a major accomplishments in his life, Mr. B stated that “I am most proud of my college degrees. They put me at a level where no one can take me away from. They allowed me to do different things throughout the course of my life ,and really opened up opportunities for me.” Seeing how much he values education, it’s no wonder why he became our college and career coordinator at North high.


Mr. B believes that gratitude and respect are extremely important in today’s society. His approach to correcting these societal faults is to start with youth. “I want to see work ethic and respect. A lot of people don’t understand the concept of respecting someone else. I think social media has desensitized us as humans.”


Whether it’s through coaching football, or working with students in the CCC, Mr. Breathett wants his students to know themselves and their own talents. “You need to be confident in who you are first. Students need to know what abilities they have to contribute to society and add to the well-being of the world. A lot of students don’t know what they’re capable of because they haven’t seen it done in front of them.”


Ultimately, Mr. B wants to serve as a positive role model for his students to follow. He does this by exuding passion into his work. “I am truly passionate about the pursuit of happiness. Happiness in myself and helping others find their place of happiness. This is why I play in my church. It’s about creating an environment where people can pray and find themselves.”


It’s very apparent that Mr. B is passionate about his work with students, and continues to be a great resource for students to utilize here at North High.