North High Bowling

Davina Alvarez, Reporter

According to Coach Long, the season is going as expected. ” We’re young, but we’re getting better every match. ”

Both boys and girls are equivalent, they’ve won one and lost two. ” Right now the top boys are being led by senior, Ian Matthews, junior, Michael Schroeder, and Owen West, that are doing a very good job. ”

This years season also has a few newcomers; Trey Mitchell,  Max Williams, and Ashton Anderson that are contributing to the boys team.

For the girls, Kylie Lowe, and Keely Ropp, are leading the way according to Coach Long. They’re both 3rd year returners as juniors.

” We just had a really good tournament placing 27-32, which is not bad for us. This is only my 2nd year, doing pretty good I think. I don’t think were doing as good as last year, we had two really good senior bowlers. They were the anchors on the team, we don’t really have that this year. I think the seasons going to end pretty good. We’re getting better everyday with practice.” – Michael Schroeder

Regional Tournament occurs on February 24th @ Liberal. They have to qualify for state which is March 5th, and if they end up being top 3, they’ll bowl state.