Doyle to retire

Paola Cordero, Reporter

As many know, Mrs.Doyle will be retiring at the conclusion of the school year.

Now that she’ll be retiring she’s going to miss helping students, the staff work on the common goal of student success and the cool traditions of high school that take place throughout the year.

She has been a head principal of four high schools: Metro Blvd, West, Southeast and North. During her time working in USD 259 she’s been at Jardine MS, South, Metro Blvd, West, Southeast, North and AMAC. Doyle’s favorite memories of this career are the Academic Reform at Wichita West, opening a brand new high school and graduation of high schools. “I believe that I have contributed to a lot of students and staff during my 31 years in USD 259,” Doyle said. Her plans after retirement are yet to be determined for the future.

“I had always planned to retire when I obtained my 85 points which was this past December. I will admit coming to North made me struggle with the decision to retire at my earliest date,” Doyle said.

Her advice to teachers is to keep working hard to provide the best educational opportunity to the students. For future principals she advises them to listen, ask questions and don’t make a lot of changes during the first year.