Chiefs Go To Superbowl

Aidan Jones, Reporter

The Kansas City Chiefs  have made it to the Superbowl for the first time in 50 years. The last time they made it was Superbowl 4 where they played the Minnesota Vikings. This year is Superbowl 54 and they will be facing the San Francisco 49ers. I asked several people about the game and there where many different opinions.

Haylon Hanner, a student at NHS, said “The chiefs suck and they are going to lose and they should have never made it in the first place.” Jacob McKay, another student at North High, said “I really like the Chiefs and they are going to beat the 49ers.” Student Cavaugn Sharky said” I’m sad that the Green Bay Packers lost to the 49ers and that they should be playing the Chiefs but I hope they win.” Mr. Griffitts,  teacher, said “The 49ers were my favorite team growing up so I want them to win, but I’ll be happy either way.”

There are many factors to who wins the game, and one of the biggest ones is injuries. Some of the injured players for the Kansas City Chiefs are LeSean McCoy (Running Back) and Demarcus Robinson (Wide Receiver), both battling an illness and are questionable, Travis Kelce (Tight End) has a knee injury, and Chris Jones (Defensive End) has a calf injury. Juan Thornhill (Safety) is on injury reserve. For the San Francisco 49ers are Dee Ford (Defensive End) who has a Quadricep injury, Tevin Coleman (Running Back) has a shoulder injury, Kwon Alexander (Outside Line Backer) and both are questionable, Jerick McKinnion (Running Back) has a shoulder injury and Marquise Goodwin (Wide Receiver) who has a knee injury, both on injury reserve.