Taking your shot in relationships


Tate Miller, Reporter

Senior Jennifer Anima, like many other teens, has never been formally asked out. With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, the chance to find someone special is right around the corner.

Stepping into the new decade, ‘shooting your shot’ to a love interest is nothing new to young adults and teens of today. How some individuals decide to metaphorically shoot their shot is the deciding factor if they are successful or not.

Anima has never had a boyfriend but she has been in the talking stage of relationships, and she says it’s frustrating.

“Boys have this mentality that after you begin talking they don’t feel the need to ask a girl out,” Anima said.

Living in the modern day of social media most teens find it easier to shoot their shot behind a screen.

“A football player texted me and only after a few minutes of talking was jabbing at me wanting to ask me out,” Anima says.

How Anima thinks her and most girls would prefer to be approached is “someone to come up to me and ask me out in person,” Anima said.

There is an appropriate time and place to approach a certain love interest. Gabi Ehss says it’s best to avoid doing it at a work place or while actively learning in school.

Senior Mitchell Hanafin, finds approaching girls with comedy to be the best route.

“Being shy or not open will kill your date right away,” Hanafin said.

Taking the chance of asking someone out comes with the risk of rejection, but it is not the end of the world.

“Rejection is nothing to harp over,” sophomore Taylor Greene said.

With every successful and unsuccessful attempt at shooting your shot comes experience. Take the risk this year and advice from fellow teens.