Grizzlies VS Redskins

Davina Alvarez, Reporter

Thursday, January 9th, North started out the 2nd semester going up against Northwest.

North lost, but according to head Coach Burgess, it was still a moment to be proud of. “Talking with our JV coaches and looking across the board, I felt like our girls had a really dominant performance yesterday. For the most part, our JV kids out-wrestled the Northwest JV kids. Varsity wise, we came up short and didn’t win but I think we accomplished the things that we wanted to.”

“Some of the highlights for me throughout the night was that our kids were being aggressive and kept on trying to score points, they were working on the edge of the mat, we didn’t have any stalling calls, we won all of the overtime matches so that was a big thing for me. You cant always gauge growth on winning or losing. More or less I like to look at how our kids improve every week and decide if they’re doing the right thing, or if they’re getting mentally, physically tougher, wrestling better than they did last week, said Coach Burgess.