Starting Off the Wrestling Season

Davina Alvarez, Reporter

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Photo from the winter sports preview.

Thursday, December 5th is the first match to start off the wrestling season- North Redskins vs West Pioneers.

This is the first year for girls wrestling and according to the head coach, Mr. Burgess, it’s going pretty good. ” We’re sitting around having 24 girls. I know just talking to some other coaches and looking around the area and the state, I feel like we’ve got one of the biggest teams in the state. The nice thing about our girls is that they’re really doing a good job for the first few weeks, working hard, trying to understand whats going on, and learning the sport.”

North has a couple of girls who are returners from last year who are helping out also. But even the new ones have started to pick things up pretty quick and are becoming really invested in doing a great job. “I could see them having a really good year,” said Burgess.

When it comes to the whole team, the coach feels that everything is also going well. “This is one of our better starts of the year that we’ve had in awhile so it’s good to have good energy and good momentum. I think all of the kids that are part of the program are bought in.”

North’s wrestling coach’s have set some pretty high expectations for the wrestlers and for the most part the kids have continued to meet those expectations and are continuing to work hard. Burgess thinks that it comes from a place where kids want to be good at sports, or want to be good at wrestling specifically. “I think they’re realizing how much work that takes and actually putting those two together, and do those things at practice that are necessary to be successful on the mat. ”

Photo from the winter sports preview.

“I think we’re going to have some fun tomorrow. We’re going to be focused on having good energy and working on our moves. It’s going to be like just another day of wrestling, or another day at practice. I want our kids to try hard, have great effort; be great teammates to each other. I’m not really interested in us winning or losing. I’m interested in us having good energy and being good teammates and wrestling the way that we’ve practiced.”

After the 3rd week of this season, North is sitting at having about 70 wrestlers.

The first home match is Thursday, December 5th at 6 p.m.