Call Of Duty Mobile New Game Mode

Aidan Jones and Joseph Cardona

In the very popular mobile game “Call Of Duty Mobile,” the creators TiMi Studios and Tencent games introduced a new zombies game mode like the console games have.

The game mode is a survival type game. There are 3 modes Survival, Normal Raid and Hardcore raid in all game modes you start off with a pistol and you have to kill zombies and repair barriers to make money so you can unlock doors to new areas of the map. You can also buy better weapons, power ups called perks to make you stronger, and you can also buy buffs and upgrade them so you live longer.

The perks are Deadshot Daiquiri (will make your crosshairs 35 percent narrower and makes your auto aim assist aim at heads), Double Tap (increases your fire speed for all weapons), Double Tap 2.0(doesn’t just increase fire rate but also your damage), Electric Cherry (makes an electric shockwave around you whenever you reload), Quick Revive (allows you to revive your teammates faster if your playing with them or during solo you can revive yourself), Juggernog (makes your max health go from 100 to 250), and there are other perks that been announced but there isn’t any info about them yet. All the buffs are Rapid Reload(Increase reload speed and headshot damage by 10 percent), Attack Weakness(increase damage dealt by 10 percent), Up and Up(increases damage dealt by 6 percent after killing an enemy for 3 seconds and it stacks up to 3 times), Staggers (when attacked staggers all enemies for .5 seconds), Escapist (when attacked for 1 second your speed is increased by 1 percent), Breakthrough(increase health by 10 percent), and Conclusion(is just upgrading the buffs you have).

We interviewed many people. Haylon Hanner said, “The creators need to make the zombies weaker because once you get very far into the game by round 5 the zombies are really hard to kill.”

Matthew Rogers  said “Once you die once in a later round it is hard to come back because the zombies are so strong and there are so many of them you cant go anywhere to buy anything because you’ll end up getting trapped.”

Other people agreed with there opinions such as Alex Jones and Cavaugn Sharkey Justice Rowland who both think it is really fun and both enjoy playing it, and think it is better on console then it is on mobile.

If you don’t have the money to buy an Xbox or PlayStation, you can download the mobile version for free. It is a good solution if you want to play Call Of Duty but don’t have the money to buy a console or if you don’t have the money for one of the games.