Christmas Spending

Maleah Evans, Reporter

The holiday season, also known to Americans as “the time of pure chaos.” The average American will spend $700 on gifts this year, totaling about $465 billion. Last year, the retail sales passed the one trillion dollars (1,000,000,000,000).

Why is it that Americans spend so much on the holidays but not the rest of the year? Studies say that holiday sales, guilt, parent and peer pressure, online shopping, the holiday music and decoration, overspending on food, and charities are some of the many reasons why Americans overspend. Another study showed that Americans feel pressured into spending too much money because of family and social media. The same study shows that younger people feel the need to overspend when buying gifts for elders.

Cathy Worley, says people spend so much on the holidays “because they think money is how you show love, which I don’t agree with.” Cathy budgets for the holidays and she thinks others should as well. Cathy says the sales passing one trillion dollars doesn’t surprise her. “Like I said, people buy out of guilt and try to buy others’ love”.

Alli Waldt, a sophomore, says that people spend so much on the holidays for the same reason they spend so much on every other holiday- it’s  near and dear to their hearts so others are able to capitalize on those sentiments. She says that for the holidays she budgets her money so she doesn’t go overboard. “Yeah, people should budget. Christmas shouldn’t be about how much money you spend or what you get,” Alli says. Alli also didn’t know that the sales passed one trillion dollars last year and she said that it’s “bonkers.”

Janelly Baltazar is a senior at North who says people spend so much “because there’s more loans and that we’re a Christian majority and celebrate Christmas. ”She says that she budgets for this time of year and that others should do the same. Janelly also didn’t know about the one trillion dollars in sales last year.